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There are many things to consider when choosing a bespoke furniture manufacturer. Bespoke furniture can be a great investment if the quality is truly first rate and the manufacturer has a good reputation. Like any unique work of art, a piece of furniture from a bespoke furniture manufacturer will retain and may even gain value based on the quality of the workmanship, the reputation of the manufacturer and the rarity of the piece.

The greatest advantage of buying furniture from a bespoke furniture manufacturer is that the customer can get exactly what they want without any compromises. A customer may be dealing with a difficult space in their house that needs a unique piece of furniture that they may not be able to find anywhere else. They may also be buying furniture for unexpected places, such as a houseboat, a barn, or a pool house, that place different demands on furniture than mass produced pieces can handle.

A bespoke furniture manufacturer can also make the item personalized for the customer. A very tall or very short customer, for example, you could order furniture that is customized to your body, instead of having to make do with mass produced furniture designed for the average person. Bespoke furniture can also involve unique design elements that make that piece of furniture distinctly for the person who ordered it. A person who loves horses could have a horse carved into the drawer of their dresser. A baseball fan could order a table with baseball bats used as table legs. An environmentalist could order their furniture to only be built with wood reclaimed from other pieces of furniture. With a bespoke furniture manufacturer, the only limits are imagination, the skill of the craftsman and the budget.

Bespoke furniture can be very expensive, because each item is a work of art. Bespoke furniture manufacturers spend a great deal of labor on each item because they aren’t mass produced. The attention to detail involved in manufacturing bespoke furniture means that the workers must be highly skilled, which makes their labor more expensive. Materials can also be more expensive than with mass produced furniture because it doesn’t make any sense to order bespoke furniture in inferior quality wood. Buying furniture from a bespoke furniture manufacturer can be a large investment, but it can pay off in the customer getting exactly what they want. They will have a unique piece built just for them that should last through the years, and with time may even become a valuable antique for future generations.

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