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The professional buyers of contract furniture – should it be designers, architects, specifiers, contractors, hoteliers and profiles alike – often find themselves in a situation where bespoke pieces of furniture are urgently needed for their project and there are no custom furniture producers at hand that could manufacture what is needed in the short delivery term, adequate quality and the always tight budget. is a professional tool made for contract furniture purchasers in mind. It facilitates the process of finding the right producer for the job.  It features an extensive database of handpicked suppliers which are regionally equally located to ensure short delivery terms. Read the rest of this entry »

Hotel furniture

hotel furnitureWe at C&D Hotel Furniture listen to our customers to understand individual requests & we aim to consistently provide the highest quality service, design & end product to all customers at all times.

C&D Hotel Furniture specialise in contract furniture suited for all venues including Restaurant furniture, Bar furniture, Night Club furniture Cafe furniture and Golf Club furniture. If you are looking for specifically tailored contract furniture, see our Furniture Venues section and select your contract furniture category. Read the rest of this entry »

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Scottish Furniture Makers Exhibit

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Given the fact that a lot of people buy houses that are completely free of furniture because they come under a cheaper price, investing in the best kind of furniture depends on which company you make a contract with. Except individuals who buy items of furniture for their own homes, there are also restaurants, pubs, bars or cafes whose owners are interested in the contract furniture trends that involve the highest quality of products.

The prices for the furniture vary from one year to another depending mainly on the firm that you sign up with but also on the materials which are used, the surface of the location that you want to cover up with furniture and the style of the furniture items too. If you decide on handmade details for the furniture that you invest in, you can undoubtedly expect a higher price. Read the rest of this entry »

Bespoke Furniture


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There are many things to consider when choosing a bespoke furniture manufacturer. Bespoke furniture can be a great investment if the quality is truly first rate and the manufacturer has a good reputation. Like any unique work of art, a piece of furniture from a bespoke furniture manufacturer will retain and may even gain value based on the quality of the workmanship, the reputation of the manufacturer and the rarity of the piece.

The greatest advantage of buying furniture from a bespoke furniture manufacturer is that the customer can get exactly what they want without any compromises. A customer may be dealing with a difficult space in their house that needs a unique piece of furniture that they may not be able to find anywhere else. They may also be buying furniture for unexpected places, such as a houseboat, a barn, or a pool house, that place different demands on furniture than mass produced pieces can handle. Read the rest of this entry »

Beautiful Home Interior with Bespoke Furniture


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The actual furniture put into a bed room should be very carefully considered; in the end, this defines the area much more than everything else apart from wall colors and floors. When selected carefully, bedroom accessories can also add lots of personality and charm to some room that could have or else been somewhat simple. First of all, it will compliment the flavour and character of the individual who sleeps generally there. In useful terms, the best kind of furniture can be quite attractive creating smart storage choices. As a result, there should always become a balance between aesthetics from the room and also the practicality from the chosen home furniture, although you need to never become completely compromised for your some other.

Custom furniture is among the most widely used choices these days for achieving each a pleasing visual and suitable space for storage, since the furniture could be designed to fit exactly into the area available. Founder can also add nearly every type of distinctive, ornate contact that the client wants, while still maintaining the actual practicality from the piece when it comes to the size and storage space abilities. Read the rest of this entry »

Tips on How to Choose Bespoke Furniture Manufacturers

Picture of the master bathroom at Highgrove

Picture of the master bathroom at Highgrove (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

When you are looking for way to redesign your home with great interior, choosing bespoke furniture is a good choice. They can be tailored to fit your need and match with your home decoration by creating furniture that match with your home interior. But before getting an amazing bespoke furniture that can be used in your home, you need to determine which bespoke furniture manufacturers you will choose to do the work. You can use several tips on this post to get the best bespoke furniture manufacturers for best result.

The initial step communicate purchase is actually listing the that may get the job done you would like. Suggestions from friends great – you understand their background you can observe their own craftsmanship as well. But where ever you find a reliable designer as well as manufacturer, prior to hiring all of them, make sure to notice their collection. In case their work is actually inclined to 1 particular design, which is, unless you notice versatility within the styles, you might not wish to entrust associated with reflecting your own persona. Actually searching for is proof that a machine can call at your vision as well as realise this action of the personality and elegance. Read the rest of this entry »