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Sofas for the Living Room

As part of the furniture, especially in the living room, sofas provide appeal and aestheticism to the room. For many interior designers, there’s much to consider when designing this piece of furniture. Are you interested in getting the best sofas? Read on to find out more.

Tips on Choosing the Right Sofas for the Living Room  

While trying to recharge the interior design scheme, the consideration of how you choose sofas is significant. There are several things to think about, whether it’s for the guest room, bedroom, or living room.

Sofa is a great way to provide a proper impression to visitors
Sofa – the queen of the living room

Here are tips for selecting the perfect sofas for your living room:

  • Consider the scale. Before settling on which sofa to obtain, know its size along with the room it will be placed in. For instance, a long tuxedo one will work best in a spacious room. Measure the space of the room and ensure the dimensions of the sofa allow for walking space.
  • Your lifestyle. What do you usually do most in the living room? Is it watching TV? Then, comfortable sofas that can ease of watching will suffice. Or do you love hosting visitors and enjoying a good time with friends? Choose a style that offers more seating, like an L-shaped one.
  • The suitable shape. Depending on how large the sofa needs to be and its arrangement in the room, choose the shape that suits it best. Numerous sofa forms range from rectangular, semi-circular, and L-shaped, among others.
  • Appropriate upholstery. The aesthetic nature of a sofa is a great way to provide a proper impression to visitors. Consider the cover and functionality. Most people prefer leather sofas as they’re long-lasting and easy to clean.
  • Choose the right color. Since sofas are a focal point of each room, it’s necessary to pick the best color to alter the whole space’s look and feel. Don’t hesitate to choose something with an exclusive, calm, and bright color.

The Main Interior Design Sofa Styles 

The market is flooded with various sofa styles that can pose a challenge in deciding which one to go for.

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Below are the most common sofa styles for interior design:

  • Mid-century. This one features a rectangular shape, monochromatic upholstery, high-elevated legs, and tufted back. It’s suitable for fashionable and minimalistic interiors.
  • Daybed. It can be utilized as a couch during the day and a bed at night. This is advantageous when you have many guests spending the night; it provides extra sleeping space.
  • Chaise. It’s a long-upholstered seat for one designed for reclining in; it usually has a back and a single, double, or no arms.
  • English Roll Arm. It has rounded arms and loose cushions at the bottom. The back is naturally tight.
  • Tuxedo. It’s distinguishable from other sofas by its boxy shape. The back and arms are of the same height.
  • Camelback. It has a curved back with either one or two humps.
  • Lawson. The back isn’t tight, meaning the cushions are removable. It’s a popular sofa style in modern days.
  • Chesterfield. Its back has deep button tufting, and the arms are rolled and same height with the back. It’s typically made of leather.

The Most Popular Interior Design Sofa Colors

Here are the sofa colors that most people love and prefer:

  • Grey. It’s the most popular, and though it may not be the most interesting, it functions well in various settings.
  • Blue. It’s the only color that works as a neutral, calming, and pleasant tone. Tends to blend with surroundings.
  • Beige. A color that’s impossible to look bad; it guarantees a welcoming and respectable room outlook.
  • White. It requires much upkeep, but its neutral appeal makes it gorgeous.
  • Green. This is an incredible color, and it’s not shouting.


Interior design is fascinating with appropriate sofa choice. Are you considering making the living room a livable place? Let your sofas be the mastermind of that dream!

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