Top Reasons to Search for Real Estate Slovenia and Ljubljana Property

Real estate Slovenia - Ljubljana

Do you want to know where you can buy real estate Slovenia? The answer is simple: Ljubljana. If you haven’t visited Ljubljana yet, you can be sure that it is a destination that is worthy to consider.

Although Ljubljana may not be as popular as other real estate markets, its unique allure is something you can never find anywhere else. It is chic and small that abounds with precious gems. The capital exudes the vibes of a small cozy town.

If you are dreaming of owning a Ljubljana property, here are the compelling reasons to invest in Ljubljana property for sale and top reasons to visit this idyllic place soon:

It’s Downright Gorgeous

The moment you set foot in Ljubljana, you will find yourself instantly surrounded by thousands of stunning things, from historical monuments to great street art pieces, charming buildings, creatively arranged shop windows, and tastefully decorated cafes. 

Ljubljana is downright gorgeous
Your Ljubljana property will be in a most beautiful city in Slovenia

Despite being elegant, Ljubljana is not overly posh to the point that it seems snobbish. Numerous bridges look fabulous while connecting two banks of the Ljubljanica River. Old and modern quirky sculptures dot the squares.

The winding walkways made from cobbled stone lead to different bewitching spots. Allowing yourself to get lost in the labyrinth is the perfect way of exploring and discovering the town. Once you trek up the hill, you will find the castle that overlooks the myriad buildings, streets, and locals. The castle can be seen no matter where you are in the center, and it adds a more magical touch to the overall appeal of Ljubljana.

It’s Green

Ljubljana’s architectonic jewels are set in the backdrop of verdant greenery. There are as many trees as the buildings, something that is not really common for capital cities across the world. Most terraces, balconies, and houses are ornamented with colorful flowers. 

Ljubljana is green
If you are dreaming of owning a Ljubljana property you will live in a green city

If you are looking for real estate Slovenia, you will surely want to look for one near Tivoli Park, which is an ideal spot for a stroll, go on a picnic, or just take a quick rest after all the sightseeing. 

With all the wonderful natural sights around town, there is no denying that Ljubljana is a very livable city, and this is why more and more people are searching for Ljubljana property for sale. Aside from being a great destination for a getaway, this is also an ideal city to live in. 

It’s an Outstanding Location

The proximity of Ljubljana to numerous fascinating places is among the top reasons to live in this lovely place. It only takes one hour to reach the Slovenian coast, a great spot to dip in the Adriatic, sunbathe, sail the days away, and grab a bite of sumptuous seafood. 

YouTube video
Ljubljana in 4K

In just 40 minutes, you will reach Bled, one of the most striking towns of Slovenia, known mainly for its sparkling lake with a castle and island at the center. You will need two hours or so to get to Zagreb, Croatia’s surprisingly gorgeous capital. 

Skiers can also quickly get to Slovenian Alps, and Budapest, Bratislava, Trieste, Vienna, and Venice are also near and accessible from Ljubljana.

Selection of Great Restaurants, Cafes, and Bars

The entire town is filled with wonderful restaurants that serve a variety of dishes. The countries of Austria, Hungary, Italy, and the Balkans have a strong influence on the local cuisine, so you can just imagine the exciting diversity that awaits you. 

You can choose between simple eateries and fanciful restaurants. If you want some delicious and quick lunch, the best place to be is the open kitchen market. If you want to indulge in some luxury, don’t miss out to visit one of those restaurants dotting the banks of Ljubljanica River.

For those who are on a budget, you can go to the nearest bakery to order a burek, a characteristic pastry of the Balkans known for being filling, yummy, and cheap. When nighttime comes, the cafes are transformed into bars where people grab some beer instead of coffee.

The terraces that are set up along the river are also brightened up by lit candles that entice passers-by thanks to their cozy charm. If you crave a more alternative atmosphere, why not drop by at Metelkova City? This is the favorite spot among eccentric individuals, activists, and local artists.

Aside from the eye-catching street art, Metelkova is also popular for having the best nightlife in the city. While Ljubljana is not necessarily the dream destination for the wild party animals out there, there are numerous bars in the area that are exciting enough to entertain pub-crawlers. 

There are Smaller Crowds of Tourists 

Despite being a beautiful place, it is quite surprising that Ljubljana is not that crowded. While most pretty European towns are crowded with tourists, especially during the summer months, Ljubljana has a smaller number of visitors, not nearly as many as those in Barcelona, Paris, or Prague. 

What does all of this mean? It only means that you can enjoy a stroll on the marvelous streets with no need to worry about bumping into someone. 

Small in Size but Big in Wonders 

For the capital, Ljubljana is tiny. It is easy to explore the center and nearby districts which makes everything very convenient. In just a matter of hours, you will be able to explore many of the major attractions. 

Despite the small size, everything you see here is just so lovely that you will want to spend a few more hours in each one. Even if you are walking down the same streets several times, you will never find them boring right away. 

You will always find something new that you didn’t notice during your first visit, whether it is a window with a beautiful decoration, a backyard with an air of mystique, or an impressive sculpture that seems to be waiting for your attention.

With all these exciting things that await you in Ljubljana, no one can blame you if you start searching for Ljubljana apartments, property or real estate Slovenia that will make you experience this lovely place anytime you want. 

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