Hang Pendant Lamps in These Unexpected Places

Pendant lamps are among the most versatile lighting fixtures you can add to your home décor. These lights boast a distinct ability to redefine how a room looks and feels with no need for you to undertake an expensive remodelling or renovation project. 

From the contemporary charm of open orbs featuring interlocking rings to the timeless elegance of lantern pendants with glass panes and exposed bulbs, you can choose from numerous designs to find the one that meets your lighting demands and decorative preferences. 

Pendant lights are stylish and versatile lighting fixtures that add a touch of elegance and functionality to any space.

It doesn’t matter if you crave the ambience and warmth of soft mood lighting or if you need task lighting for certain parts of the house, modern-day pendants are now available in various finishes and silhouettes guaranteed to complement your sense of taste and style in a snap of a finger. 

The following are some of the most unexpected but remarkably perfect spots to hang your pendant lights:

Breakfast Nooks

Do you often head outside way before sunrise? You can kickstart your day with a filling breakfast while illuminated by sparking pendants. These airy and open designs are the best additions for breakfast and dining nooks, giving conventional chandeliers a serious run for their money. 

You can place one pendant above a tiny bistro table. You can also hang two or three similar pendants over an elongated bar or a bigger dining table to achieve a more dramatic visual effect. 

You can also achieve an even distribution of light by using grouped pendants. They can also complement your space in a more eye-catching and customizable way. 

Suspended from the ceiling by a cord, chain, or rod, pendant lights come in various shapes, sizes, and designs, allowing for a wide range of aesthetic choices.


Your bedrooms, including your guest and master bedrooms, are some of the best spots for hanging the wow pieces that are a perfect reflection of your personality. Unique pendant lamps with eye-catching details are exactly what you need. 

If you have a beach house, you can update it with pendants made of sparkling capiz shells. You can also keep everything ethereal and soft with a sheer organza drum, or make things shine and sparkle with glittering crystal embellishments.  

You can also embrace and welcome your styling ambitions no matter what you see fit with pendant lights that are true to you. The artistic fixtures will surely transform your basic décor into inspiration, turning your sleeping quarters into a relaxing sanctuary. 

Coffee Table

The coffee table is often the catch-all area in most households right now. Mail, bills, magazines, book, and even the occasional cups of coffee can easily pile up here, burying your beloved decorative table with a mountain of unwanted and messy clutter. 

Showcasing your coffee table on full display with overhead pendant lamps is one of the best ways to force yourself to organize everything. Open-cage lanterns and dome pendants can both work amazingly here. Most importantly, these light fixtures can tie the whole room together with their unique aesthetics and styles. 


Great lights are required in great transitions. Urn pendants, orbs, and lanterns are beautiful additions to your hallway areas. They can give your walkways brilliant illumination and instant elegance. You can hang bare-bones lanterns in tight spaces for a breezier and more open effect. You can also add lighting fixtures in matte black to your neutral-heavy room to achieve a bit of visual contrast and industrial edge. 

They provide focused and directional lighting, making them ideal for illuminating specific areas or creating a statement piece in a room.

Polished metals can accentuate contemporary and modern hallways with no need to make a lot of fuss. Just make sure you pick your favorite tone to achieve a cohesive presentation. See to it you also stick with geometric and clean lines and open frames to add an effortless update to the equally critical but usually neglected spots. 

Home Office

You can boost your productivity levels with pendant lights that encourage you to think outside the box. Pendant lights can offer ambient lighting that can fill the gaps between task lighting. These lighting fixtures won’t only cater to your lighting requirements but they can also give your home office a touch of sophistication and elegance. 

The streamlined designs can make your whole workspace brighter with an even distribution of light that can complement your downward task lights. This will allow you to check off the items in your daily to-do lists and go through the drawers and files with total ease. 

To make things better, you can also try freeing up some valuable desk space and elbow room by removing the desk lamp on the corner once and for all. This will give you an efficient, tidy, and neat office conducive to workflow. 

Reading Nooks

Lantern pendant lights are also great choices for modernized small spaces, specifically reading nooks. The open-frame fixtures will entice you to curl up with your favorite classic or newly released read in the coziest way you can imagine. The overhead lighting designs are a creative substitute for torchieres and table lamps, offering brilliant illumination exactly where you need it. 

Pick a matte metallic frame if you want a subtle touch of light or a chic black silhouette if you like to make a more commanding statement. You can also consider hanging two twinning pendants side by side for more spacious seating arrangements if necessary. Lanterns also provide a unique old-world charisma combined with a modern appeal, making them among the most adaptable styles you can try. 


From artful nooks to side tables, or a mere asymmetry to offset major elements of the room, pendant lamps are also a favorite go-to light provided that there is enough ceiling space. If your side tables are only side notes in your home décor, you might want to go over your lighting approach for this part. 

Pendant lighting can work amazingly well over such designs provided that you keep everything in proportion. The secret here is to keep everything well-balanced by making sure that you choose a pendant that isn’t bigger than your side table itself. 

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The spotlighting approach will encourage you to remain organized while helping you showcase beautiful displays of photos, flower arrangements, and any other décor you have on the tabletop. 

Adding pendant lamps to these unexpected areas is guaranteed to boost the overall ambiance and beauty of your home. 

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