Pamper Yourself in the Best Inflatable Hot Tub

Inflatable Jacuzzis or hot tubs

There is something relaxing about getting a good pampering soak in a Jacuzzi or hot tub after spending a long and tiring day at work. This is also a great place to warm up once the winter weather hits full force. Thanks to Bestway inflatable hot tub or inflatable Jacuzzi, you will be able to reap all the perks of a spa with no need to spend your money on expensive installation and renovation costs. 

If you are on the market searching for the best inflatable hot tubs, there are a few things you need to know to find that perfect portable spa that suits your house the most.

What are Inflatable Hot Tubs or Jacuzzis?

Inflatable Jacuzzis or hot tubs are just what their name suggests. These are inflatable and portable hot tubs that can be used on the go with no need to install a permanent one in your home.

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It is your perfect option if you want a spa that you can set up in a matter of minutes and pack away with ease when not in use or if the weather takes a turn for the worse. 

Inflatable hot tubs can be positioned almost anywhere in the house that make it an ideal solution for someone looking for a convenient and affordable alternative to traditional hot tubs. 

Why Use Inflatable Hot Tubs?

Here are the top benefits of having inflatable hot tubs or Jacuzzis:


With a cheaper cost compared to traditional hot tubs, the inflatable options let you experience all the exciting benefits before investing several thousands of bucks to let you determine whether or not you really want your home to have its own hot tub. 

Inflatable Jacuzzis are budget-friendly
Inflatable Jacuzzis for relaxing at home

Easy installation 

Many inflatable hot tubs have an air-flowing setting that can inflate the tub right away. After that, you just have to fill this with water, turn the heater on, and put the cover. It will be ready and hot enough for a good soak in less than 24 hours that can be faster during warmer months.  

Easy installation of inflatable Jacuzzis
Installing an inflatable jacuzzi is a quick and easy job

Highly portable 

Since there is no need for a fixed installation, you have the freedom to place your inflatable hot tub anywhere you like, whether it is a spot close to your pool, in your yard, in an indoor area, or if you like, even in your basemen if this is where you wish to relax.   

Simple storage if not in use

Most spa owners love the benefits of getting a hot soak yet they don’t want to maintain one all year round. You can pack away inflatable hot tubs into the compact carry-bag if you are not using it. On top of that, you can also take it with you easily should you decide to move house. 

Test things out before making a bigger investment 

If you will buy an inflatable model first, you will be able to test out the hot tub’s features before you decide going all in and investing and installing a traditional model in your home.   

Top Considerations When Shopping for an Inflatable Hot Tub

You will be able to narrow down your choices if you know which type you should look for. However, this won’t help you measure all those common nuances that can make or break a particular product. 

Here are some of the key criteria that you need to apply when making your final decision as to which inflatable Jacuzzi you should buy:


Size is among the main considerations when buying inflatable hot tubs. You will be cramped if you go for one that is too small that may crush if several people are using it at the same time. Going for the biggest option will give you more room for relaxation, especially if you invite your friends or guests often.  

However, this added size comes with a cost since you will be filling it with more water, heating up with take longer, more space will be used, and ongoing costs will be higher if you consider the necessary pool chemicals for keeping the water clean and power needs. 

Suitable spot or location 

It is essential to find the most suitable position for the inflatable model since the last thing you want is to cramp your backyard or lose all the space in your deck unnecessarily. Remember that these products tend to take up some room and you also need to drain it first before moving.   

You also need to keep in mind that many of these inflatable Jacuzzis should never be exposed to less than 40 degrees Fahrenheit temperature levels. As such, you will have to store it once the temperature drops or keep it inside the house to protect it from extreme cold. 

The weight must be taken into consideration as well. See to it that there is a strong supporting structure in the spot where you decide to place the model for handling its weight. 

Temperature limitations 

Many inflatable Jacuzzis can only heat the water inside to up to 104 degrees Fahrenheit although it is just the ideal temperature for many users. 

However, when it comes to setup, reaching this recommended temperature may take time for the inflatable hot tub. It might take 10-12 hours on warmer days but it can last for up to 24 hours during cold weather before it becomes hot enough for you to use.  

Features and Extras

Inflatable hot tubs generally come with a heater, pump, and several bubble jets surrounding the tub’s base to help relax and massage. There are also additional extras that can make you enjoy it to the fullest. These include base insulated cover, a convenient carry-bag, LED lighting, drink holders, bucket seats, and separate steps. 


Obviously, an inflatable hot tub cannot last for as long as regular spas. However, through proper care and maintenance, you can expect to enjoy using these products for several years. The secret here is to go for the highest quality product right from the get go and make sure that you take care of it properly for it to last for a long time. 

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