Real Estate in Croatia as a Tourism Base Camp

Own a piece of Europe and see tons of natural scenery and historical sites by purchasing Croatian real estate. Croatia is fast becoming a popular tourist getaway as well as a great place to retire or start a new life. Croatia is a young country that is still starting on its own and has already making progress. But not enough to spoil its natural beauty. And as part of other countries and kingdoms in its long history, is also home to many beautiful historical sites.

Now, many people are starting to consider moving to Europe, working and eventually purchasing real estate in Croatia ( Croatia is one of the top candidates along with Greece and Norway. What’s great about Croatia is the low cost of living, depending on the area that is. The closer to popular tourist areas, the higher rates will go. It’s basically the same with other countries but still, any area relatively close to tourist spots would make a great residential base camp, to experience the beauty and culture of any country.

Another great thing about purchasing Croatian real estate. Croatia has few restrictions in land ownership. Citizens of any EU member country can purchase Croatian property. Citizens of any country with a reciprocity agreement with Croatia can also purchase land. However, if the buyer wishes to purchase land for farming, he/she is out of luck until 2023 as the country does not allow purchase of agricultural land to foreigners. Croatian real estate can also be quite affordable, again, depending on the state of the property and its location, but some lucky souls can still purchase affordable real estate close to tourist sites at affordable prices.

Popular tourist spots to consider in Croatia include, the Old Town Walls of Dubrovnik, Diocletian’s Palace in Split, Plitvice Lakes National Park, Kornati National Park, the Romanesque Churches in Zadar, the Town of Korcula, Mlejet National Park, Brijuni, National Park, the Town of Trojir and many more. After purchasing real estate in Croatia, the country can later serve as a base camp to see other sites within Europe.

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