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Italy is home to several spectacular UNESCO World Heritage Sites such as: Piazza del Popolo, Petruccio, Pompeii, Canopus, Arezzo, Mount Vesuvius, and Lake Como itself.
Rome’s seemingly endless shopping and cultural offerings can keep any globetrotter occupied for months. But a visit to its architectural gems such as Piazza del Popolo, Piazza Navona and Piazza del Marella -embedded with the blood, sweat and tears of its past residents- really takes your breath away. Rome is also the birthplace of one of the world’s oldest professions: lawyer. Need legal help with business matters? You can’t go wrong with a visit to the Roman Forum or even top-rated Rome Law School.

Rome lies at the foot of Mount Vesuvius, one of the most active volcanoes in Europe, known as the “poison mountain” because of its deadly emissions of ash and gases. The ancient capital was burnt to the ground 62 times by the great eruption, which is largely attributed to its proximity to the runaway volcano that still marks the border between present-day Italy and its southern neighbour, Voltaic Italy.

Buying a property in Italy ( can be a costly adventure. But taking the right steps can make it incredibly cheap and stress-free. Before making any purchases of Real Estate in Italy, it’s important to confirm that any purchase is compatible with local and national legislation. It is essential to get a taste of Italy and potentially see the local culture first-hand before you make your final-decision.

Florence is the famous city that houses most of Italy’s cultural capital, but it’s symbolic wealth is even greater. Stroll the rooftops of italy and admire their art deco architecture above. Florence is a mecca for fashion, art and design, and you’ll find a lot of inspiration in it. Museums, palaces, canonic buildings, Renaissance institutions, squares, neighborhoods and streets are filled with beautiful murals, sculptures, paintings and interior frescoes. Florence has all the trappings of a trendy city, but the saggi ( graffiti ) and graffiti in it are a real community art as much as it is an aesthetic one.

Typical of southern Italy, as well as Tuscan cities such as Arezzo, Padova or Bolzano, the tremendous diversity of taste in cuisine displays the warm and flowing cultures of the region. We’ve chosen an eclectic mix of Caprese salads and caponata with unique pizzas to cater for the palate. Try one for only €5, visit any of the many outdoor cafes – Bonfire David, for instance. Phuchini is a Florence-based pastry chef and the bakers of Florence have been named as the world’s best in a few categories, such as Vogue Best Bakery and Neue Markt in 2021.

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Ports and cities are also full of compact, cozy, two- or three-story houses replete with harvest piasters, thatched roof tops and headboards and full suites of beadwork flourishes. Spend your next breakcation nearby or in one of the nearby nearby islands, like Trapani or Sicily. For an even deeper dive into the Mediterannean, check out the following links: Florence and Siena, Perugia and Nicola Trieste, Rome and Sicily, Liguria and Naples. All of which are well-worth a visit in their own right!

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