Price my furniture

The professional buyers of contract furniture – should it be designers, architects, specifiers, contractors, hoteliers and profiles alike – often find themselves in a situation where bespoke pieces of furniture are urgently needed for their project and there are no custom furniture producers at hand that could manufacture what is needed in the short delivery term, adequate quality and the always tight budget. is a professional tool made for contract furniture purchasers in mind. It facilitates the process of finding the right producer for the job.  It features an extensive database of handpicked suppliers which are regionally equally located to ensure short delivery terms.

The suppliers are also diversified according to production backgrounds to ensure the furniture in required finish and materials ranging from natural solid wood to highly processed fibreglass materials can be manufactured.

Buyers simply post the basic details of their project onto the platform and immediately start to get several independant price quotations from the featured producers. Within the budget and within the time frame! Use of is for sourcing professionals completely free.

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