Retail projects

Retail projects include new store fit-outs as well as existing store renovations. Items which are usually sourced for projects are: shelving systems, racks, display stands, gondollas, display podiums, goods presenters, custom made fitting rooms, cash counters, shop window displays, mannequins.

Items which are a part of retail projects need to be custom made by projects factories or can also be mass produced as it is the case with many retail shelving systems and racks whose construction is mainly manufactured using metal and wooden materials. New projects are an integral part in newly developed shopping malls, shopping plazas or set in a mix development project for office or residential applications. Shopfitting or retail orijects start with a designer vision which solves the client’s practical requirements in a form that will attract more shoppers.


The vision for projects is then forwarded on to retail projects contractors or retail furniture factory directly. The designer’s vision should include detailed technical drawings with the selection of materials as well as full dimensions of the furniture and fixtures items required. Materials for projects depend on the designer’s idea. For the racks usually a variety of metal materials in different finishes is used ranging from brushed stainless steel to powder coated iron or steel. Gondollas and goods presenters as a very important part of projects tend to be made from wooden or wood imitating materials such as HPL ( High Pressure Laminate ) or MFC ( Melamine Faced Chipboard ) which deliver a great variety of colours and patterns while at the same time ensure durability.

Cash counters or reception counters represent the heart of the projects. Counters are made of solid wood and board/panel construction with integrated drawers and storage compartments. Projects’ counters also need to include space for cash register and computer. Upon receiving the technical drawings the furniture factories can start manufacturing custom fixtures and furniture for retail projects. The lead time depends on the quality as well as the technical difficulty of the specified FF&E items.

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