How to polish furniture made out of wood

When I acquired my dining room table off Craigslist, it had a few marks and spots on the surface, but it additionally came with a set of instructions from the previous proprietor. Every few years, I was to preserve the area of the lumber by polishing it. I found out that it is really a pretty simple process, however that being said, I would certainly choose to go through it as infrequently as possible. If it’s time to restore the area of your wood furniture, this detailed guide reveals you every little thing you have to understand and how to extend the moment just before your next polish as long as possible.

Prior to You Start: Due to the fact that you will need the location you are operating in to be well ventilated, functioning outside is perfect. If that is not feasible, you will certainly wish to remain as lots of glass open as possible. Remain this in mind when choosing when you intend to do this job.

Having your home windows open during the warm summer months or cool winter months could not be the very best choice. An ideal time for an activity such as this is throughout even more pleasant periods.

Action 1: Prepare

You will certainly require the following items:.

  • Tidy Cloth Rags.
  •  Rubber Gloves.
  •  # 0000 Super Great Steel Woollen *.
  • Cleaner and Wax Remover.
  •  Neutral Great Insert Wax.
  • * Most surfaces, if well cared for, will simply need the furnishings wax to be used using a soft, tidy towel. If the timber has actually been overlooked or has marks and blemishes, making use of extremely fine steel wool could be required. Although steel wool is offered in different levels from incredibly fine to extremely crude, to make sure that no harm is done to your furnishings, adhere to the # 0000 super great range.

Action 2: Test

When adding gloss to wood furnishings, the first step is to remove any excess wax buildup from the last time it was managed. Before you start, it is an excellent suggestion to examine the remover first.


After cleaning the surface area down with a dry fabric, moisten a dustcloth with wax remover and test a tiny location of the wood you will certainly be dealing with. Permit the examination area completely dry to ensure there are no damaging impacts to the furniture’s area before proceeding.

Action 3: Strip

Going with the grain, gently clean down the entire surface that you will certainly be brightening with wax remover. After enabling a couple of minutes to completely air dry, rub off any type of excess filth or wax remover that is left on the surface area of the wood with a clean dry fabric.

Step 4: Polish

Coat the area of the lumber sparingly with polish. It might be alluring to over polish, but remember: any type of excess wax will need to be rubbed off after it has dried out, and the less you have to do this, the easier the process.

Action 5: Lover

After providing the polish some time to take in (typically about 15-20 minutes), rub off excess wax with a tidy, dry fabric.

This process can be done much less regularly with regular and consistant treatment of your lumber furniture. Following these straightforward suggestions will aid.

  • Rub down wood with a clean, dry cloth often.
  • Get rid of dust by wiping with a somewhat damp fabric with a bit of gentle soap, such as meal soap.
  • Tidy spills at once– also little decreases of water could turn into marks if left unattended, particularly on timber that has not been polished in a while.
  • Avoid putting drinks or hot items on unguarded wood surfaces.

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