How To Find The Ideal Matching Piece

So, several years ago you decided to furnish your home with some good quality well made items of solid oak furniture. A few years down the line, and you’ve extended your living room, only to find that with the existing items of furniture it now looks a bit bare. The manufacturer of your original items now seems to have gone out of business leaving you with a bit of a problem.

Do you try and hunt down other items from another source that will hopefully look ok or do you look for an alternative answer? Luckily there are furniture manufacturers (such as our recommended manufacturers; Priest Brothers in Chelmsford, Essex) out there who can provide an answer to your problem. You’ll find that some can make items to your exact specification ensuring the new item blends in with the existing furniture and no-one is any the wiser.

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Choose a family run business where you’ll experience expert knowledge and high class customer service to get the items you really want. Their reputation is important to them so it’s vital that their customers are happy and will want to recommend them to others.

Once you’ve got your bespoke item delivered you’ll probably be looking for other items to add in the future. Solid oak furniture can look really stylish in a bedroom and is well worth considering when you need to replace your existing items. If you live in a period property then you’ll most likely want to go for a more traditional style, whereas if your property is rather newer then perhaps a more modern style would look better.

If it’s your child’s bedroom you want to update then why not opt for a starter bed that can later be converted into a cabin bed or high sleeper as they grow. You’ll find it far more hard wearing than a cheaper flat pack alternative and it will last until they decide to leave home.

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