Heating and cooling has never been easier

Heating and Cooling Grosse Ile Michigan has never been easier when you work with Superior Comfort Heating & Air Conditioning. Do you know if your house or commercial building has the same unit for both your heating and cooling needs? If so, have you ever wondered if there was a way to keep it from being so loud? Many homes in the Grosse Ile MI area have units that are not only loud but inefficient too! One of the best things that can be done for a home is to have a heat pump installed.

Heating and Cooling Grosse Ile Michigan has never been easier when you work with Superior Comfort Heating & Air Conditioning.

Heat pumps have one job: take heat from one place and put it into another. In this case, the heat pump will move surrounding air around your house and expel cold air while pushing in warmer outside air. The units are incredibly popular because they don’t require compressors like the former air conditioners did, which means there is no loud noise running throughout your home.

Another benefit about heat pumps is that it can make your heating and cooling bills substantially lower. This is because it takes inherently warm air from outside and puts it into your house, making it much more efficient than any other type of system would! Not to mention, you may even get tax rebates for having a heat pump installed in Michigan! Just talk to your contractor about what options are available to you.

Working with Superior Comfort Heating and Air Conditioning is easy when you call them! They know your heating and cooling system inside out, so we’re the professionals you want on your side for all your service needs! No matter what happens or if it’s just time for preventative maintenance, thy’ll work around your schedule to ensure you are taken care of quickly, safely and with minimal inconvenience. So don’t hesitate to call them. They can’t wait to hear from you!

If you have a dual system with separate furnace and A/C unit with one outdoor compressor then consider replacing the entire unit with a new high SEER single stage compressor system. Do you really need to run both systems? It may cost more in start-up but if you can use 2/3 of the energy then why not at least look into it.

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If your old air handler is noisy which makes your furnace seem like it is running constantly then there are many new quiet small packaged units that you could replace that old air handler with and not even notice any change inside or outside. The lower noise could help save your marriage! So call today for a free estimate on replacement of your home heating and cooling units. Superior Comfort HVAC will be happy to answer all your questions about lowering your utility bills, making you more comfortable, and increasing the life of your current system. If you are in the market for new installation then give them a call so they can help you get started on lowering your energy consumption today! Remember – The sooner you start saving money on utility bills the sooner you can stop shedding tears over them!

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