Hiring a Pro to clear your Driveway is the Best Option

With the ongoing winter season, residents of Downriver Michigan are faced with a dilemma: should they pay Commercial snow plowing Downriver Michigan to have their driveways and walkways cleared by a snow plow, or should they take matters into their own hands?

Cutting Edge provides quality service at affordable rates in all Downriver communities.

The answer is both simple and complicated. If you live in a region where snowfall rates and accumulations warrant it (and can afford it), hiring a pro to clear your driveway/walkway may be the best option. However, if you live in an area that only gets sporadic accumulation throughout the year, consider investing in some good old-fashioned elbow grease before breaking out your wallet.

Cutting Edge Property Maintenance provides quality service at affordable rates in all Downriver communities. Cutting Edge Property Maintenance employs the use of gas trucks for commercial snow plowing. Smaller gas trucks are used for residential clients who require frequent plowing services.

Snow plows are large vehicles that travel on roadways removing snow from the pavement. The main function of a snow plow is to keep roads clear for traffic. There are three types of commercial snow plowing; push, pull, and combination (also known as side-mount) systems. Although they look different, each operates in much the same way.

Push snow plowing is by far the most popular style of commercial snow removal today. With this type of system, the truck has a front end with curved blades attached to it allowing them to be pushed along against hard surfaces like concrete or asphalt. Some trucks may use straight blades instead which pushes more like how you would shovel something manually (i.e., in the opposite direction in which the truck is travelling). The blade length of a push plow can vary depending on application. Some areas require longer blades in order to clear more snow in less time, while others prefer shorter blade lengths for maneuverability and speed. Also used with push systems are wing blades (known as wing plows) that may be attached to the side of the cab or along the sides or rear of each vehicle. These wings help push more snow when passing by, like pushing someone out of your way in a crowded hall.

Push plow vehicles are designed to work well under all conditions including ice, packed snow, slushy roads, and deep snow conditions where other equipment would get bog down. Push plows have a wide blade that is very close to the ground and can scoop up a lot of material in one pass. The plow itself weights much more than other plows, making it important for trucks to have stiff frames with reinforced crossmembers. Different blades are also available depending on the application, each designed specifically to work best in deep snow or ice conditions. Most push plow vehicles are equipped with both front and back steering axles so they do not become stuck while moving within tight spaces throughout neighborhoods, parking lots, commercial areas, etc., where maneuverability is key.

Pull Snow Plows. A pull plow attaches a blade to the vehicle’s rear axle, making it more stable and powerful. Pull plows are often used for residential areas or where sidewalks remain open even during harsh winter weather. Unlike a push plow which pushes snow ahead of it as it moves, a pull plow pulls the snow behind the truck as it moves along instead. This is why they move slower than push trucks, but also makes them capable of moving through tight spaces with little effort. By being able to move in any direction without having to rely on forward momentum from its own power source (i.e., the blade itself), this type of vehicle is very versatile and can quickly clear a lot of material from the road. This type of plow is also capable of pushing snow into piles that can be loaded onto a dump truck for removal.

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Combination (Side-mount) Systems. Side-mount systems combine the power and stability of a rear mounted blade (pull) with front steering wheels and push technology, making it one powerful piece of equipment to remove large amounts of material from driveways and sidewalks in both residential and commercial areas where maneuverability is key. The ability to navigate tight spaces makes this vehicle perfect for parking lots as well and can move and push snow in any direction (pull driver’s side, push passenger side). These vehicles often weigh around 30,000 pounds and feature both front and rear steering axles with a heavy-duty suspension designed for large loads. Like pull plows, they also have the capability to be used with dump trailers that come in handy whenever removing loads of material from anywhere is needed.

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