Always use best scented candles

Scented candles

It never hurts to have an aromatic scented candles in the home, there is always an excuse to place one in the bathroom, the living room or the bedroom. Almost all of us know that the smells can make us enter a state of peace and complement any space, making each home have its own unique touch.

There are many aromas that can be used to refresh the home, and also to improve our health, a small contribution to the quality of life. Even so, the aromas are not the only ones that bring us well-being, but also the colors. Stay around colors like blue and violet, which calm our mind, and make us an invitation to rest.

Aromatic candle

Natural Aromatic Candles

Beeswax candles, by themselves, have their own aroma, give us a mild smell of honey that is even beneficial for health.

Of rest, the only scented candles that have their own aroma without the need for essence, are those of soy.

Scented candles

Aromatic gel candles

You distinguish it because they are aromatic candles in transparent containers, making visible any object that has been introduced while the wax was liquid.

Romantic Aromatic Candles

Any aromatic candle asks us to serve to create a romantic atmosphere, but if you are looking for one to make love we recommend candles with aphrodisiac essences.

Personalized Aromatic Candles

Most of the artisans offer us options to create the styles of candles to our own tastes, it smells and colors. You can create aromatic scented candles, with phrases, photographs, and names.

Large Aromatic Candles

Mostly used for rooms or large spaces and with good ventilation, for its lasting effect. It can also be used in events, thus ensuring the smell throughout the event.

Small Aromatic Candles

Of course, the best and most recommended place for small candles are the bathrooms. It is an elegant and very nice gesture to enter a bathroom either at an event or that you are visiting in a house and this a small aromatic candle flooding that space with a great smell.

Aromatic candles according to their smell and effect


Cinnamon is a great mental stimulant that attracts customers.


Helps to clear little tired minds, with over stress and to eliminate anxiety, strong relaxing. Very used at the time of preparation for exams.


Reduces the negative environment.

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Apart from also reducing the negative environment, it helps to attract good friends.


A great antidepressant, relaxing and sedative, helps eliminate unpleasant odors.


To relieve migraine.


A part of flavoring, it works as a soothing, antidepressant and sweetener for spaces. In the case of lovers, create a sexual and loving relationship. Its fragrance attracts men as well as women in the same way.


Generates well-being and strength to face problems.

Lemon or citrus scents

Avoid dizziness, depression, and anxiety.


Disinfects the environment and helps promote concentration.

Whatever your style you can find a perfect aromatic scented candles for you, do not hesitate to try some and see how good results attract you. Do not forget that they are very fashionable.

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